Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome to the San Francisco's Sexy Mama's Social Club!

San Francisco's Sexy Mama's Social Club is a group of moms (and mom's to be)in the San Francisco and Bay Area who are sex positive, are part of alternative sex communities (kink,poly-amorous,lesbian queer),adult industry professionals, sex educators, sex writers, burlesque performers, sexual artists, sexual healers, sex workers (past or present) or allies. SMSC recognizes the importance of Mom's having space to talk about sex, sexuality, discussing and sharing advice regarding sex and sexual dynamics during pregnancy, post-partum, and through motherhood, in a space where you will not be judged or shamed for your work or for being a sexual being and a mother. This is a space for mothers to share resources and tips with other sexy mamas. SMSC will have events, discussions, nights out and recommend workshops, resources, venues, films and events happening through the bay area that may be of interest. Please check our blog calendar for upcoming events. To be added to our email list please email madison@madisonbound.com with "Sexy Mama's" in the subject line.

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