Friday, August 5, 2011

Hot for Teacher and the Great latch On

  • August 6th (8pm - 11pm) - SIZZLE: "Hot For Teacher- An Education in Health & Awareness ($10 - Free for youth under 23, mamas, & Health & Wellness Providers)
Femina Potens and Slut Walk SF proudly present August's installment of Sizzle, the monthly award-winning spoken word and performance series. Sharpen your pencils because this month at Sizzle we are back to school to learn more about health awareness for our queer, kinky and sex positive communities.
If you never had a crush on your teacher- you are about to! We are inviting the Bay Area's best and brilliant sex workers, porn performers, writers and sex-educators take over the classroom. You will be hanging on every syllable as curvaceous courtesan Kitty Stryker explores a healthy perversatility through spoken word. Get your sex hacked hard with Maggie Mayhem as she shares her self proclaimed "sex-nerd" side. You are going to want to be teacher's pet for Maxine Holloway's interactive presentation on safer sex practices within the kink community. Be sure to have a front row seat for Madison Young's well rounded performance about breast health, Adult performer, Holly Stevens, will be joining us to discuss early breast cancer detection and discussing her first hand battle with breast cancer. Video PSA's by pioneer performer Buck Angel and queer porn heartthrob Drew Deveaux. Also our good friends at Slut Walk SF will be joining us with a presentation that is not to be missed addressing abuse & rape in our communities and how we can protect and stand up for one another. Raffle prizes have been donated by such amazing sex positive entities as Good Vibrations, Feminist Porn Network, and Annie Sprinkle to help benefit Holly Stevens'.
Sizzle’s performances regularly reveal the bravest, hottest, most eclectic performers that the Bay Area has to offer and this evening is no different. Learn all the things they wouldn’t teach you in health class in this evening of raw, radical, and raunchy wellness.
Located at
Viracocha - 998 Valencia Street.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stylish Mom/Kid Friendly Cafe in Hayes Valley

Just found out about this cafe in Hayes Valley. Think I'll have to pay a visit and check it out.

See Saw Cafe

They feature art shows, workshops, daddy's groups, baby sign language, and the cafe is run by a child psychologist. I ran into the owner's partner at another cafe this morning while I was out with my 5 week old girl, fetching my morning coffee. They seem like really nice folks and they serve 4 Barrel Coffee which is my favorite here in SF. Might be a great place to have the Sexy Mamas Social Club meet.

Blogs and Web Sites to Check out

Penny Barber has excellent articles on Post- Partum Sex and Lactation Fetish on She also has articles on Good Vibrations Online Magazine & - .
Other web sites with great mommy oriented sex advice and event postings include:

(photos upper right Shar Rednour; photo lower left Penny Barber)

Upcoming Art Exhibits on Motherhood - Becoming Milf and Biological Clock

Two exhibits at one venue on the theme of conception,pregnancy,motherhood, and post partum. I'm exhibiting a collection of works called Becoming MILF while my good friend and fellow SF artist, Sadie Lune is exhibiting a collection of works called Biological Clock. Info on the upcoming exhibits is below. Hope to see you all there.
Madison Young


Madison Young is Becoming MILF. After performing in hundreds of adult films, directing over 25 erotic films, being featured on HBO & Spike TV as a world renowned Sexpert, and receiving multiple awards for her work in the adult industry, Madison Young has come head to head with her greatest challenge and greatest achievement, becoming a mother.

How does one navigate being a Sex Goddess for Hire amongst Soccer Moms and Mini Vans? Madison Young explores this journey as a New Breed of Breeder who embraces the Madonna and the Whore at the same time in her multi-media art exhibit that includes a baby quilt made of a juxtaposing combination of burp clothes & porn star panties, onesies printed with erotic photographs featuring Young, video and photo works melding images 60's iconic mother Jackie Kennedy and iconic slut Marilyn Monroe into a single entity and much more. Come explore the making of a MILF as part of Femina Potens Art Gallery's Spring ArtGasm taking place at Michelle Oconnor Gallery ( 2111 Mission St 4th Floor) April 19th - 30th. Gallery hours noon - 5pm.

Opening with djs and performance art on April 22nd 7 - 10pm. As part of the opening on April 22nd Ms Young will be enacting 30 Actions in 30 Hours to Becoming MILF including serving up Breast Milk Ice Cream in Milkshakes and working up a sweat to Jazzercise while simultaneously directing a Live Porn Scene. These last 30 hours and 30 MILF sculpting actions, before and including the exhibit, will be broadcast live for online viewing at .

Becoming MILF is part of Femina Potens' Spring ArtGasm; a multi-media visual and performative art celebration of fertility, conception,birth, and motherhood; featuring exhibits including Sadie Lune's Biological Clock, Madison Young's Becoming MILF, selected pieces from Womb Nostalgia featuring Rachel Znerold and Amelia D'Entrone's After Birth which runs from April 19th - 30th in the Michelle O’Connor Gallery in San Francisco.

More info on Biological Clock:

Biological Clock is an experimental inquiry into the boundaries and
potential of using art as a cultural catalyst, community as an
intentional imaginative reality editor, and social constructions
around time as an equalizer and integrator of multi-stable identities.
The goal of the artist is to test the borders between choice and
chance, art and life. Sadie will erode the perceived boundary between
embodied sexuality and motherhood. She intends to attempt impregnation
in the way that feels most holy, interesting, loving, appropriate,
community-engaging and self-actualizing to her at this time: in art,
unflinchingly and with pleasure.

Biological clock has been a long-spanning project with multiple
manifestations other than the generative performance to come. In
preparation for motherhood and in service to this project, Sadie has
carefully tracked her reproductive cycle, performed fertility rituals,
posed for a motherhood related photography series, collected
sound-based media, and diligently sought out sperm donors and seminal
collaborators. Sadie has also interviewed people in the U.S. and
Europe as a way of working through the barrage of questions and
interrogations to which she is subjected regarding her means,
intentions, abilities, and motivations when others try to reconcile
her motherhood desires with the fact that she is a queer, single,
sex-working, low-income, artist. She has also commissioned other
artists to alter or produce clocks representing 12 types of time,
which are constituents of her own biological clock. These clocks will
be on view during the entirety of the Birth/Rebirth Show at the
Michelle O’Connor Gallery.

The seminal performance on April 30th will be at least semi-public,
meaning there will be an audience who will be, among other things,
energetic co-conspirators. Using heartfelt intention and planning with
radical temporalities, and with collaboration from others, the ritual
will be created specifically to foster conception and pregnancy on the
potential mother’s own terms.The Availabilist aesthetic will be in
heavy use, as well as aspects and themes of explicit sexuality,
community genesis, avant-garde spirituality, queer-whore-art
amalgamation, diffusion of personal shame, and working through fear.
Most importantly, the performance will be replete with love. Sadie
will be assisted by “Handmade-ins” the group of queers, whores, and
artists who will deliver the genetic material, facilitate the ritual,
and act as holy lovers.

Sex, Pregnancy & Motherhood Workshop at Good Vibes

Sex, Pregnancy & Motherhood
Sunday, May 22nd
2-4 pm
$20 in advance, $25 at the door
Buy Tix here

Porn Star, Sex Educator, and Kinky Mama, Madison Young, delves into the topics of Sex, Pregnancy and Motherhood. Madison divulges her personal secrets on how to keep things spicy in the bedroom through pregnancy and finding the time for intimacy once your bundle of joy arrives. She'll talk about sex positions that work for every trimester, how to safely engage in kinky sex during all points in pregnancy, how to use your sexual & body awareness during labor, uncovering the mystery of orgasmic birth, and how to find time to nurture your sexual center when you are nursing more than playing Naughty Nurse. Madison will guide you through how to embrace your pregnant goddess body and how to feel your best and sexiest as a mom and mom to be.